Objection Handling 101 – The Most Common Objections

How to Build a Million Dollar BusinessSo, you’re in meeting with a prospect, you’ve establish fabulous rapport and you can tell she’s interested in working with you. There’s lots of nodding and she’s leaning towards you in agreement with what you’re saying.

She leans closer and says “I just love what you’re saying! You’re exactly what I need, BUT…”

Your shoulders sag … it’s The Death Knell.

And this is where most people stop and go home defeated.

They don’t realize that an objection isn’t a “no” – it’s an invitation to negotiate.

It’s a sign to tell them more, alleviate their fears, reduce their risk, help them overcome a real hurdle or articulate the payoffs more clearly.

A sales objection is just an offer to continue. It’s about you doing your job in leading the prospect to making an informed decision about taking action.

A sales objection is just an offer to continue. It’s about you doing your job in leading the prospect to making an informed decision about taking action.
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When you ‘get’ that and stop freaking out over objections, objection handling suddenly becomes a simple process.

The first step in objection handling is to identify the common objections in your industry. You’ll notice that the same ones keep coming up. Usually there’s between seven and twelve objections, so start to keep track.

The most common examples of objections are:

  1. I need to think about it
  2. I don’t have any money
  3. I need to talk it over with somebody
  4. Can you fax me or e-mail me some information
  5. I don’t have the time
  6. Your price is too high
  7. I am all ready working with someone
  8. We all ready tried it and it didn’t work
  9. I’m not interested
  10. It doesn’t feel right

There are many ways to address these objections, but that’s not the focus of this article.

The key here – the real success to effective objection handling – is in picking one objection at a time then coming up with as many responses as possible – at least 10, preferably 20 – then practicing, practicing, practicing until you’ve mastered overcoming that particular objection.

Role play with your Mother if you must!

It’s one thing to read something and learn it, but it’s whole different ball game when it comes to delivering.

Have you ever gone over a speech in your head – you sound bloody brilliant! – but when it came time to deliver, it came out all wrong?

This is the same. Go through the objections and your 20 responses one at a time. Practice objection handling over and over and over again until you automatically respond to the objection without thinking.

Objection handling should become a natural part of your conversation. You will no longer dread “BUT …” You’ll welcome it as part of the process of serving your client.

Let me know how you go with role playing with your Mother. Mine always has heaps of objections and strangely enough, I don’t always handle them well!

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